About Us

About Us

About Us

Fuson Fashion Design Co., Ltd is a professional lingerie-design company, which was a leading lingerie-wholesaler before the transformation in 1993. With two decades experiences in lingerie-making segment, our designers focus on the function of undergarments to ensure each piece could present the best femininity with the trendy factors. Each undergarment needs to be proceeded with strictly quality-control; especially, the designers would select the finest fabrics and ensure each trial could comfortably match the breast.

Fuson has two main brands, Clany and NiYi Yan, with more than 100 branches in Taiwan. Furthermore, we also operate stores in offline market. Every customer could be served by our professional representative. In the meantime, Fuson also provides ODM service for many other brands.

The core concept of Fuson Fashion Design is provide high-quality undergarment with reasonable price. Meanwhile, Fuson would continue to adopt professional position to fulfill the potential need of undergarment market.

Our products can be separated into four different categories: Liquid-Padded Undergarment, Magical Shaper series, Oxygirl and Sexy V series.

Liquid-Padded Undergarment
1.Patented liquid padding included oil, air and far infrared stone
2.Add 2 cup size

Magical Shaper
1.Everyday shaping essentials
2.Build the feminine shape

1.Combine with functional and technical textiles such as Tencel, Far Infrared, Cool Feeling and S.Cafe
2.Multifunction feature in comfort and health

Sexy V series
1.Low neckline bra
2.Ideal for women who eager to be sexy and attractive